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Make sure that you have found the right Özgür Yüksel. I live in Ankara, Turkey, graduated (BSc. & MSc.) from Middle East Technical University. I am a geek, blogger, active social media participant, a chapuller, manager, an acronyms, technical tips/tricks guy.

I am into openness, as in open source software, open standards, thought, ideas, open systems, OpenStreetMap, ODF (Open Document Format). I work for Oracle Corp. and specialize in Linux, Xen, Oracle VM, OCFS2 and many other open source software projects along with effective support delivery. Since 2012 I became a Fujitsu insider. I am also a certified life coach, classical guitarist, chorister and contemporary music enthusiast.

The views expressed on this website are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

Now the tricky part is to choose how to connect to / contact me. I'm most active on Twitter among other social media environments. Click on your preference below:

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